Thursday, March 30, 2006


one night, lonely quiet in my room,
suddenly wind blows, uu.. breeze makes me feel good
then i smell something very nice 好香好香
i recognized that 味道, someone is frying eggs!!
(although very weird someone cooking at that time, it s jz very late i know)
jz nice i wan to eat eggs!!.. i can feel my saliva rush out and fill my mouth
i recalled something.. !!!!!
i flew to my pantry
the 好香 is actually 嗆鼻個焦味
cooked egg yolk splattered on floor, and dry smoke rising from.. my 鍋..!!
so it was me! who was cooking 全熟蛋 mayb dont know how many hours ago, ..
arrr.. so bad so smelly~
i opened the fan to cyclone speed

and whole floor was crawlin with those very very fast 黑螞蟻 (this stupid pantry) for those yolk..
i cry out loud and step here and there, got to splash water on them to clean that big mess..

<-- it s so funny i had to keep it ahaha..

**this sem i ve been sleepin very early, 不到日出不甘睡, until very very bright..
this is abnormal, it s term time now! but i still cant control myself, arrrg..
hopefully this sem wont be affected by this..
im still fine i think except for late and almost absence..