Sunday, April 23, 2006


opening the msn chatting history can be interesting. you rank the history files by size. so the person who chatted with you the most is on top..the interesting part is the result, it shows your level of relationship with that friend, you might wonder 'har..?'
although my comp crashed 3 times such that this is not accurate. although some of your best friends may not be msn-contactable. although some ranked high may not be your best friend. although some of you may not be reading my blog, here you go:

1. casablancao
2. siaogao
3. jb_koala
4. ynotz
5. shixiang
6. lailaizhang
7. betiau
8. mr_kool
9. mr_hatashi
10. spastkid

no 1 the only girl. ppl dont get too close with lone rangers cause they re too protective of themselves and sometimes ended up hurting ppl ard them. but well, im lone ranger too so im ok haaha..
no 2, he s tall, teasing yet attentive, another one who call me xiaomeimei. jz like the one long time ago, whom i wouldnt wan to forget.
no 3 niichan~ he preferred i call him niisan cause it suits his 'image' but i think this one suits him instead..he ranked high not because we chat a lot but because he always pop in with 'WOI' 'got enuf drink water anot'
no 4 is perhaps the only friend i have beside me for so long..
no 5 i hope he quickly find a girl he likes then come back and be my friend damn it!
no 6 was the one i chatted with most often, but it s archived away many times to other log file that it s now ranked 6th. but, it ll never catch up anymore..


Blogger JaSmine_FloWer said... not in the list... Anyway, i saw ur msg in friendster...i miss u so much too... Final sem is such a torture and challenge! When is ur final sem? Ganbatte ah! I have two more paper to go tmr and the day after tmr...Thesis have to submit by 2nd next month... WAh...stressed! Just finish my Portuguese paper ... It fun and interesting too... U can try it... there r so many interesting language other than Japanese... Btw...i also want to go Japan so much... HA....thinking..dreaming bout doin master there with u...HA......U take care ah..!WASURENAI~!

6:04 PM  
Anonymous  said...

wa...i m no.5 woh...

even me can be no.5...a bit unbelievable...haha. must got sth wrong in ur pc.

still dunno which posting u wan me to read...cuz ur posting is sometimes very Chim and ambiguous one..haha.but roughly i know wat's going on lah. i wont ask u again.

BTW, mind ur word hoh...dun use diry words on ur fren hoh..i m easily hurt one you know.

2:44 PM  
Anonymous casablancao said...

after reading your blog, i am not sure whether i should feel grateful or sorry or sad to top your list. what do we usually talk about? about where to have lunch or me trying to get lab report answers from you?
i'm not sure the lone ranger's behaviour should be described as 'protective' or not. but i must admit i hurt people who are closest to me, coz i always take them for granted and become too picky on everything that they do. i am sorry that you are one of the few ppl who are 'closest' to me, my family, my friend-> you.
yet i am lucky and thankful you are still by my side, physically(sitting beside me busy with ur adobe premier pro!) and mentally(for always being so supportive and caring).
A girl like you deserves a real good guy[ ok, a shuai ge(everybody is shuai to you~~)...hehehe.]who loves you no less than you love him.
Take your time. only serious relationship allowed, ok? :P

3:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

suprised to see i got no.8~
suprised tat u got this blog tat i never knw~ full of suprises in life:)

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im very happy that you come to my blog..i didnt know that you didnt know..hahaa..!!

>ming, shiang, ni..
in case you wander back here..its been a long time..
some friends stayed close with you for only short period of time..
some no longer stay in contact but in your heart still remain important..
some before you realized it they will jz be there forever..
jz want you to know that im thankful, happy and lucky to have you by my side all these years..

3:59 AM  

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