Monday, June 27, 2005


i love food...really do...drool.....

so difficult

saw this song at a friend's blog…


最好 有生一日都爱下去
但谁人 能将恋爱当做终生兴趣
生活 其实旨在找到个伴侣
面对现实 热恋很快变长流细水

可惜我 不智或侥幸 对火花天生敏感
不过 两只手拉得太紧

也许相爱很难 就难在其实双方各有各寄望怎么办
要单恋都难 受太大的礼会内疚却也无力归还
也许不爱不难 但如未成佛升仙也会怕爱情前途黯淡
爱不爱都难 未快乐先有责任给予对方 面露欢颜

得到浪漫 又要有空间 得到定局 却怕去到终站
然后付出多 得到少 不介意豁达又担心 有人看不过眼

无论热恋中失恋中都永远记住第一戒 别要张开双眼

It sounds very familiar but I don’t know where I heard it, go look for it listen to it…I felt…this is such a song…bet it s the truest song of love…agree? 总是会想起以前, 一个朋友常常说‘别太执著’...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I wonder how a couple can be together till the end…does love sustain so much so long or just the will to persist and maintain…I wonder…I was wondering. How can a guy be with a girl when they different by so much? Their sex, their needs, their thoughts, their concerns, their priority, their dreams, …When your differences are so big almost nothing s in common, life became routine disagreement, argument and disappointment. Sometimes, things re so bad that you couldn’t think of a reason to carry on…Just one thing ll make it all, do you still have him in your mind? And does he have you...