Saturday, February 04, 2006

new life!

i cant believe im doin it
today, till now have been incredibly amazing for me...

i finally managed to get myself on bed at 5.15am
i opened eyes wide at 8.01am
ya im late and let ppl wait );
mayb my qian3yi4shi2 thought their calling was the long useless hp alarm clock

on the walk way to bball court
saw orange ppl
re they from sheares? i yearn..
we played bball, i finally got to play aft so long longing
i played suck la
but was fun!
but was hot im getting dizzy..
cant take anymore i shout stop with sore throat
we sat under shade watchin eusoff vs temasek female bball game
really giddy and head heavy but still ok
by the time we leave
it s 9.30am i think

had breakfast
and chatted wif a hidden bball gao1shou3
when goin back room
it was 10.50am i think

went back room
greeted other cluster mates brushing
im back from exercise and long breakfast and they jz got up!
oh im mighty...

more weird!
i packed all clothes for laundry!
1st time of the sem
1st use of pgp washing machine

(rain pours)

and i actually washed my labcoat!!...
oh my god!
what s happened to me!?

it was raining mao2mao2 after i hanged all clothes
standing in the breeze
kimochi ii...~

and a few episods of my fav anime 'sakura kaado kapputaa' jz done dling!
jz nice my chorus re through
can sit back relax and watch

so i feel good!
so i decided to write new blog
so im meetin someone for lunch now...
so hopefully the rest of the day ll b as beatiful
as well as all other days

mood can b so easily floated with happy peach blossom
i neednt always close myself and too relying to someone



Anonymous Anonymous said...

wish you be happy like this forever

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you haven't written blog for a long time leh... maybe it's time to write something...

10:18 PM  
Blogger JaSmine_FloWer said...

what is ur new url? i never seen it....

2:54 PM  

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